MATV Systems

Master Antenna Television systems for Housing, Hotel & Hospitals

MATV means Master Antenna Television. With a MATV system, TV and FM signals -Audio Visual - are distributed to several TV receivers . This is better than sending individual antennas for each TV. The application is best suited for multiple user environments like Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, MDUs for residential use etc. Multiple antennas tend to be untidy and may cause signal disruption.

Simply in context, MATV system comprises a network of cables designed to process and amplify TV signals, then distribute these signals from one central location. The systems are divided into two parts, The Distribution System and the Head End. Talinda East Africa designs and installs the system in best industry standards ensuring video and audio signals are well distributed with minimal quality loss.

In the past premises that need a large number of TVs will require to  install and maintain a satellite dish or antenna for each TV. This results in an unsightly and expensive venture for any multiuser environment. Moreover, maintenance costs skyrocket while the TV signal quality for each user declines due to the numerous antennas interfering with each other and causing signal issues.

Multiuser commercial premises like hotels, hospitals, hostels, utilize MATV system to supply programming channels and information services to their clients. The system can transmit digital TV signals via a satellite dish (free-to-air and subscription TV channels) or aerial.

How a typical MATV system functions:

  • A  dish or UHF TV aerial is positioned to receive digital TV signals.
  • Signals received are then processed by the Headend.
  • Through a distribution network, the TV signals are delivered to a socket outlet in each room/area. In addition, splitters are used where there is more than one TV per outlet. 

Talinda East Africa offers MATV  (Master Antenna Television) solution which is quick and simple to deploy.

This solution uses coaxial cables to pass the signal to the TV Screens. The Solution doesn’t require IP addressing scheme, making it easy to deploy.

Suitable for Hospital rooms, Real Estate apartments and Hotel Guest Rooms to give your clients a home away from home experience. Bringing comfort to your doorstep.

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