Hospitality TVs

Talinda East Africa provides solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance guest experience.

We provide TV systems and entertainment devices and Hospitality solution software like Hoteza. They allow users to access a wide range of channels as they can custom pick favorite channels and pay for them only. Other advantages are additional features like a digital video recorder and an integrated VoIP telephony service. We also have Master Antenna Television (MATV) systems which enable reception in large establishments like hotels, schools, office blocks and apartment blocks to conveyed to every TV in the building, using a single master TV antenna. DSTV lovers are not left behind as they can access dishes and antennas, LNBs and decoders as well as TV coaxial cables and accessories.

HDMI cables, HDMI extenders from D-Link, Office Point, Kramer and Outrack are also available for those who would love a solution to transport a high bandwidth of video, audio, 3D and Ethernet data – using a single cable – over TV, projectors and other screens.  Shop PopUps, Smartboards, Media Players, Wireless Presentation devices like VIA, Microphones, Projectors, Matrix Switches, Scalers, Control Keypads, Scan Converters and so much more at the best prices in Kenya.

Speaking of TV Screens, we have digital signage screens, hotel and hospital room TV screens, office and meeting room TV Screens and office and home TV screens from Hisense, LG, Samsung, Sony and TCL.

lg digital displays

LG Procentric Displays

  • Razor thin TVs, with high quality images offering unparalleled guest experience. Procentric differentiate and manage your hotels with its advanced solution. Readily available with Full HD and HD resolutions, keep your guests engaged with vivid images and impress them with innovative designs.

    Available in four versions:

    • Smart displays
    • Value displays
    • Commercial Lite displays
    • Hospitality OLED Displays
hospitality tv solutions Kenya

Hospitality TV Systems - IPTV and MATV 

The TV is the center of your guest room. With our IPTV and MATV services you can now Entertain, Inform, communicate to your guests as well as give them control over their room environment from the TV. Guests can also enjoy their own content, from their devices.

Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels and shelters can all take advantage of superior TV systems. Our TV systems not only make the guest experience a delight but are also great ways to make additional in-room sales. Properties can sell additional product from their catalog or external services by partners. We work with both IP and COAX based TV Networks. IPTV Headends connect the TV system to your content provider. In our region, the major content providers include Multichoice with DSTV, Star TV, Zuku, IP and Satellite providers.

Smart Headend for Television
IPTV Headend


This device receives digital services either through the input modules or through an IPTV network. It then converts them into IP packets and send them to the network gateway (i.e., IPTV headend).

An all in one solution  platform that groups all the services required to meet the clients’ needs in all kinds of projects, including hotels, hospitals, operators, businesses and residential buildings, which also provides new tools for improving business operations.