Building Management Systems - IoT

Access Control

Structured Networking

Data Centers and Backup

Telephony, PBX and Call Centers

Wireless Networks

Conferencing Solutions

Physical Security

  • Installation and support for Voice Gateway at the Safaricom Stadium

  • Maintenance of media gateway with I Gate Pro
  • Installation of IP Telephony solution
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Improved monitoring of students and incidents reporting
  • Improved Palbina's service delivery through installation of a call centre solution.

  • Deployed Interactive Voice Response as a telephony solution to improve customer service.
  • Supply and installation of wireless solution
  • Installation and configuration of call centre solution.

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  • Supply and installation of digital signage at the company

  • Installed and configured IP and IP PBX Telephony system
  • Configured and rolled out a billing system to track each customers call cost
Corporate Solutions

Network infrastructure and telephony upgrades that;

  • Improved work flow
  • Enabled enterprise mobility
  • Reduced cost of personnel and maintenance

Advanced telephony applications that enabled;

  • Increased productivity of the travel agents and front service
  • Improved customer service, reachability and responsiveness

Migration from a proprietary telephony system to a customized open source solutions that gives;

  • More flexibility to enterprise high growth rates
  • Improves mobility integration for field executives
  • Reduces annual license fee costs

Service Provider advanced Voice solutions; voice compression for transit and management solutions, Subcontracting services for system integration for their business client.

Media gateway for call center and TDM-SIO interconnect services.