Hoteza HSIA

Why are guests unhappy with the quality of Internet in your hotel? 

Incorrectly selected

number of access points, placement or setup.

Wrong choice of equipment

It is necessary to consider bandwidth of the access point, the radius of coverage and other parameters.

Wrong router

The hotel uses an “office” or “home” router that is not able to cope with the traffic.

It is not possible to provide

the Internet with consistently good quality for the VIP guests and participants of business events.

Hoteza HSIA is a modern technology system that gives Internet access to your hotel guests. Consequently, guests are happy because they have access to quality Internet connection just by simply entering their room number or phone number. In addition, Hoteza HSIA helps reduce the cost of internet use by hotel staff, get positive feedback from guests and mitigate the complaints from unsatisfied guests The system provides quick automatic device setup and efficient technical support service to both the hotel and your guests.

high speed internet access

Hoteza HSIA solves the problem of internet channels congestion by evenly distributing the available speed.


In any network set up, quality is often guaranteed when you deploy correct and reliable equipment as well as an experienced team. In the same way, for maximum guest satisfaction a hotel HSIA access gateway is required.

Technical Advantages

Hoteza HSIA provides individual access pages and rates for your guest and for common areas.

The system is compatible with all hotel management systems.

Enjoy dynamic speed allocation depending on the line congestion levels.

All information is transferred over an encrypted network over a firewall to protect your guest and staff.

for conferences and events, the system helps ensure that demanding guests and conference participants are happy with internet quality, even during peak hours.

The system is straightforward and easy to install on guest devices (DIY) with just a room number. There is no need  for IT to set up guests' devices.

IT teams can independently manage rates and create  different access codes through a centralized management portal.

For any support requests users can raise a ticket from the hotline.

hoteza hsia gateway kenya

Financial and Marketing

Flexible extension of internet capacity based on the actual needs of hotels like seasonal influxes.

Faster return on investment.

Additional advertising platform on the welcome page.

Hoteza HSIA gives hotels the ability to collect and analyze statistics on the number of users, their needs and preferences for marketing and future planning.

With additional advertising platform to display special offers and promotion of goods and services on the welcome page, your hotel gains access to additional sources of income

The welcome page can be branded in accordance with the rand franchise and corporate style of the hotel.

The DIY system provides automatic set up on all your guest devices even for large groups attending conferences. This allows staff to focus on what is important and improve on efficiency

Gain positive feedback and recommendations for providing fast high speed internet access throughout your property.

The importance of quality

In reality, guests' expectations of "free" and "paid" Internet are relatively similar. Very slow free Internet is not advantageous, rather only serves to disappoint guests and "lowers" the level of service for your hotel.

"Bad internet"

I would had typed out a longer review saying how nice the room was and things, but the internet in the hotel keeps cutting in and out. We stayed in a suite w/ full kitchen and nice bathroom and vanity station.

 Cadetsheppard, Senior Reviewer

"Connection is a REAL PROBLEM"

This hotel is standard for this chain. It is clean, feels secure, has all you'd expect, but the Internet connection is a REAL PROBLEM! They only let you connect one device! I don't mind paying for Internet, but in this age, where many of us carry multiple Internet devices, this policy is really unacceptable. I'm really peeved! 

SloHandz, TripAdvisor member

"The internet is a disaster"

Not being able to finish work on time and takes ages to download emails. Something needs to be done immediately, otherwise the hotel will start losing guests. 

Johann, TripAdvisor member