RUCKUS networks work to simplify life for IT, while at the same time enabling the delivery of exceptional user experiences in enterprise. With RUCKUS, enterprises easily deploy, manage and expand IT networks regardless of size or advancement of the network. IT can troubleshoot faster and proactively address the evolving user needs.

With over a decade experience, Talinda understands the needs of users across the Kenya and the African continent as a whole. The advancement of technology in Africa has led enterprises to investing largely in fast, easy to use and intelligent WiFi technology and networks. Consequently, we partnered with Commscope to sell and implement Ruckus products and services across Kenya and countries in the region. We are a first tier Commscope Elite Partner - making us a trusted and certified seller, installers and integrators of Commscope & Ruckus products, services and support.

Ruckus products

You can count on us for Access points are available as standalone controllerless (Unleashed) and controlled as Zoneflex. First, we have  H510 perfect access points for hotel rooms and residential MDUs. Secondly, ruckus  R550, R500, R600, R610, R650, M510, R710, R720, R730, R750 (WiFi 6) indoor access points. Suitable for enterprises of all sizes and sophisticated networks.

Thirdly, our range of Ruckus outdoor access points for Kenya include T300, T310, T610, T710, T750. We also have P300 for dense point to point P2P connections.

We also supply ruckus ICX and Brocade switches from 10, 24, 48 ports, SFP Modules, SFP connectors, PoE injectors accessories. ICX direct power supply and mounting kits are also available upon request.

Ruckus products are popular in busy environments like Government, Schools, Hotel, Multi Development Units MDUs (Residential), Real Estate, Malls, Corporates, Stadiums, Airports, ISPs. They are scalable, simple, easy to deploy, highly secure, and can be centrally managed and monitored. You can order from our Nairobi office on Ngong Road. Some products are ready in stock and others may be available on backorder. We ship and install countrywide in major towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, Thika, Garissa, Eldoret, Nakuru, Malindi and more. We have had successful deployments in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Somalia and Ethiopia. 

Finally, are you having difficulties understanding your network needs? Our team of highly experienced network engineers are available and can also carry out site surveys. Reach us for Ruckus support and licenses. When connectivity is key, organizations will turn to Ruckus. The range includes indoor and outdoor wireless access points to fit variant budgets, performance needs and deployment types. Ruckus provides secure and reliable access in tough environments and rising client density and expectations. These APs pride in patented technologies that rise above the everyday to ensure great user experience and superior connectivity. 

Choose from indoor, outdoor or AP accessories below.

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Indoor Access Points

R - 730

Ruckus Wireless R730 Access Point
Indoor 802.11ax
​8X8:8  Wi-Fi AP 
​5Gbps Backhaul​5Gbps 

R - 720

Ruckus Wireless R720 Access point
Indoor 802.11ac
Wave 2 4X4:4

​Wi-Fi AP with 2.​5Gbps Backhaul​ 5Gbps

R - 710

Ruckus Wireless R710
Indoor 802.11ac

Wave 2 4X4:4
Wi-Fi AP 

R - 610

Ruckus R610 Wireless Access Point
Indoor 802.11ac

Wave 2 3X3:3
Wi-Fi AP 

R - 600

Ruckus R600 Wireless Access Point
Indoor 802.11ax
​Wi-Fi AP 

R - 510

Ruckus R510 Wireless Access Point
Indoor 802.11ac
 2 2x2:2 
​Wi-Fi AP 

R - 500

Ruckus R500 Wireless Access Point
Indoor 802.11ac
Wave 2X2:2

​Wi-Fi AP 

R - 320

Ruckus R310 Wireless Access point
 Indoor 802.11ac
Wave 2 2X2:2

​Wi-Fi AP