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We make Wireless network management simpler

WIRELESS LAN Controllers with thin AP’s was the next evolution in WLANs that changed the face of wireless. A thin AP is simply an access point that is managed by a WLAN controller.

The WLAN controller functions:

  • provides the thin AP its configuration
  • functions as a switch for all the wireless traffic.
  • consolidates management for the entire wireless network in one place.

  • Some WLAN controllers function as a Stateful firewall between the wired/wireless networks,
  • provides VPN connectivity,
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention services,
  • spectrum monitoring/analysis, and much more.

WLAN controllers are physical devices that are rack mounted in the core data room and communicate with each AP at the same time This allows for easy and quick configuration of multiple AP’s without having to manually configure each and every one.

It also eliminates the need to re-architect your wired network to host a WLAN.

As you might assume, scalability is greatly improved by the addition of a WLAN controller as it easily allows the installation of more AP’s onto the network and reduces deployment and complexities.