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~When reliability and safety are a must to your buildings' business.

~Reshaping the future of building automation with open global standard, offering a broad range of options to control and automate your building.

~Effortless and energy-efficient.

Happy Workforce

When it comes to retaining talent, pay isn’t everything. In fact, the competitive edge also depends on physical spaces. The right reaction comes automatically, in every situation. Being able to automatically control your building not only adds flexibility to building management, it has a positive effect on efficiency, security and productivity too. With products and services such as movement detectors, harmonious lighting, door communication, automated heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and shutter management, Talinda offers a range of possibilities to put building control firmly into your hands.

Effective utilization of space

What many organizations around the world don't know is their offices are underutilized by almost half of their capacity. this is due to a host of factors some of which include, shifting work schedules, mobile technology uses, and changing business needs. New technologies that leverage building connectivity, can help shed light on exactly where, when and how building spaces are used at any given time, so organizations can take steps to ensure they’re getting the most out of their building spaces.

A safe system for everyone

Cyber security breach has become a norm with most organizations having experienced it in some form during their day-to-day operations. As buildings become more digitally connected, the systems that supervise, monitor and control building systems are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. The top hacker motives include financial gain, disruption of service, and theft of personal information and company data. Your building can be an easy target if the right measures aren’t in place. Organizations today are implementing key technologies and processes that readily seek out vulnerabilities, determine operating inefficiencies and provide steps toward remediation.

Preventative maintenance

The first step in managing your building’s energy is to understand exactly how much you use and where you use it. With this information at hand, you can highlight areas for improvement, which in turn will help you become more  efficient, prevent from unexpected breakdowns and ultimately save money. Talinda uses ABB metering devices connect with your building’s automation system and intelligently acquire, store and analyse this information to drive efficiency for the long term.

The best solution is, keeping all the factors in vie. The first step in

Freedom to Design.

Choose which materials and devices you want to use to create the functionalities that your building needs. Become the architect of your automation system and realize your own design concept to the last detail.

Talinda's comprehensive knowledge of building automation systems gives owners and managers the opportunity to select the best solution for their specific needs. These scalable solutions are the foundation of an integrated energy management and security plan for more buildings worldwide. From design build to retrofit to ongoing maintenance, we offer the services and solutions you need to make your building safer, more secure and energy efficient.