TRIAX headend expertise moved into a compact and affordable package. With the new TRIAX TDcH elegant compact headend is a compact unit of TRIAX quality and reliability. Triax TV headend is optimized and engineered for69 TV distribution requirements in hospitality, multi-dwelling units and related sectors, with an appealing, competitive cost per service ratio.

    It is built on a brand new headend platform with new functionalities and features added via software updates throughout 2022


Input module. Frontend.

. Quad tuner. Universal Input module DVB S/S2/T/T2/C.

. Auto Scan: Discovers all the services in the cables.

. HOT SWAP without reconfiguring manually.



Encoding module.

. Encodes 4 x HDMI input signals.

. H.264 MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 video compression.

. Full HD quality.

. Up to 40 x HDMI inputs in 4RU space.



Control unit of the platform.

. Complete internal management .

. Connected headend: Ikusi Flow wifi and LAN access. Local and remote management.

. Guided installation through a wizard.

. 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for IP Multicast services.

. Spare modules support for redundancy.

Flow Sec


Security management module.

. Decrypting function (CAS) and re-encrypting function (DRM).

. 2 x CI slots per module.

. Manages streams coming from any input and going to any output (“uncoupled” input, CAM and output).

. CAM restoration in case of decryption failure.

. Supports up to 15 SPTS per CAM (up to 30 SPTS per module).


Flow Out

Output module. Backend.

. Quad/sextuple Universal and Multistandard output module DVB-T & DVB-C.

. Four carriers in 8K.

. Up to 8 SPTS per carrier = up to 32 SPTS per module.

. Output level: 78 to 108 dBµV.


Flow PSU


Power supply for the platform.

. More efficiency: Half-Bridge topology.

. Thermal protection (to protect against external cooling failures.

. Power factor corrector

Flow Base 

Chassis of the platform.

. “Self-assembly” chassis.

. 19” rack and wall mounting with the same chassis.

. Installation without tools or accessories.

. Real 4 RU (including wires passing).

Flow RSPU Redundant 

Redundant power supply.

.  Ensuring uninterrupted power in the event of failure of one of the two available power supplies.

.  The damaged power supply can be changed without disconnecting the headend from the power.

.  Integrates two identical power suplies in a 1RU (rack unit) chassis.



IPTV/OTT SET-TOP BOX with 4K support

. High Quality Sound and Image.

. 4K and HEVC Support

. 4x ARM Cortex-A53

. 4 GB eMMC

. 1 GB RAM

Flow Cover

IPTV/OTT SET-TOP BOX with 4K support

. High Quality Sound and Image.

. 4K and HEVC Support

. 4x ARM Cortex-A53

. 4 GB eMMC

. 1 GB RAM