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Smart Home

Smart home systems Kenya


Efficient light control assures that your lights are off when you leave or go to bed. Dim your light easily with your smartphone or tablet from any place in the world. Movement sensors will switch on the light when you enter a room. No waste of energy anymore. Create light scenes for every occasion (adjust the color, intensity,) and change the scene according to your mood with only one touch.For a flexible home that gives you peace of mind. 

·Remote control

·Scene for every occasion

·Energy efficient

smart home automation Kenya

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Manage the temperature in your room according to the time of day or the function of the room. Take a shower in the morning in a preheated bathroom. Heating is automatically deactivated when you are not at home saving you considerable energy costs. Control your air-conditioning or ventilation remotely for a refreshing homecoming during high temperatures.

·Automatic temperature control

·Remote control

·Energy efficient

smart home systems Kenya


Keep your smart home and energy usage up-to-date on with visualization tools, anywhere, anytime.

Customize your interface to your needs and get insights on your energy usage.

·Easy-to-use interface

·Flexible dashboards

·Visualization wherever you are

Smart home in Kenya

Movement detection

 Movement detectors are a common part of most smart homes and home security systems. Installing our intelligent movement detectors is like giving your home its own eyes and ears. Our wide range of products will give you a feeling of safety both indoors and out.

Smart solutions for home

Panic scene

Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night due to an unusual noise. You don´t need to be afraid if you have installed our panic switch. With just a fingertip on the panic switch your house and garden is bathed in a dazzling bright light. An easy way to ward off uninvited guests.

smart home security system

Overvoltage protection

 Smart doesn't only mean the connection of devices. It's even smarter if you also ensure the protection of your home devices such as your television, refrigerator or computer. Our products protect not only against property damage and loss of data, but also against possible fires and injury to peoples.

smart home access control systems

Door entry system

 A smart door entry system is the most important part of a smart home. It will not only allow you to come and go as you please, it will also monitor who is in front of your home while you're away. With the ABB-Welcome door entry system, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your smartphone. Our product range allows you to unlock your doors for example with the tap of a finger, and thanks to our camera modules it's even possible to let the right people in.

smart home solutions Kenya

Weather monitoring

If there’s one thing you can always rely on, it’s the unreliability of the weather. With our weather station you don´t need to keep an eye on the weather. You can just monitor the outdoors from indoors and our weather station will do the rest. Blinds can be moved up when a storm starts or can be set according to the outside temperature. Even the heating can be adjusted to the weather conditions and of course, all the data can be monitored on your smart device.

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Presence simulation

Keep your smart home and energy usage up-to-date with visualization tools, anywhere, anytime. Customize your interface to your needs and get insights on your energy usage.

·Easy-to-use interface

·Flexible dashboards

·Visualization wherever you are.

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Window monitoring

You already protect your front door against burglars. But what about your windows? They are also a common point of entry. It is of high importance to make them more secure. The window sensors monitor the current position of the window handle and inform you directly if there is a change.

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Intrusion detection

Securing your home is more than just to protect property. It's about feeling safe at home and while away. You and your loved ones can go about your daily activities knowing you don't have to worry about unwelcome intruders or dangerous incidents e.g. fire and floods. Our intrusion alarm system keeps your home and family safe and secure - at any time of day and or night.

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Open or close your curtains with only one click on your smartphone or tablet. Adjust your settings according to the weather and save energy. Close the blinds remotely; no need to be home to draw the curtains. Slowly wake up in the morning with the rising sun.

  •  Highly flexible in control
  • Full control with only a single touch
  • Energy efficient