• TRIAX - TV distribution system

    More guest engagement for maximized revenues

 For happy guests, happy staff, and happy hotels, TRIAX offers tailored services for hospitality infotainment.

Capture the attention of your guests at the right time, in the right place. With Triax IPTV and Digital Signage headend solutions, to display your promotions, information and streaming content in the most visible areas of the hotel. Enhance your guest room offerings with the latest in TV streaming channels, while your common areas share dynamic Digital Signage content pointing guests to the right place.

Lately, there is an accelerated consumer shift towards streaming entertainment, especially due to the pandemic. As a result, many consumers are increasingly demanding for ‘home from home’ entertainment when staying at hotels. Despite a very tumultuous time for the hospitality industry, more advanced and efficient technological solutions are introduced to meet this demand, while ensuring costs remain to a minimum. As installers , Talinda makes an attractive offer to hotels by combining advanced networking and IPTV headend technology. 

As businesses start to pen up, hotels are faced with a growing need to meet demands from guests - both business travelers and tourists - for high quality entertainment and streaming  services they are to at home. To ensure an upgrade is done effectively without breaking the bank, TV distribution system upgrades will come into play.

With high demand to watch content from streaming accounts like Netflix  gives hotels with a cost cutting opportunity. The need for traditional cables and pay per view subscriptions is reduced.  Hotel can abandon expensive subscriptions.  Interestingly, headend technology advancements provide a streamlined TV distribution system to hotel, hospitals, apartments, group homes, etc. A compact TRIAX headend helps the hospitality sector meet the requirements for satellite, cable or terrestrial services they wish to offer. Guests are guaranteed a streamlined & modernized TV offering.

Delight your guests with TRIAX

Boost rating and revenue with technology to inform and entertain your guests on their personal devices and on  in-room TVs.

TRIAX seamlessly integrated hotel solutions use future-ready technology built on your existing infrastructure.


Reduced downtime if any and remote accessibility is available for support.

  • In-room TV sets do not need retuning
  • Enjoy fast installation with preconfigured smoothly integrated solutions
  • Get remote access to your TRIAX headend installations

Cost saving

Less disruption and no requirement for re-cabling projects that are expensive.

  • Headends for every budget

Future proof

Enjoy maximized bandwidth distribution to meet your guest demands.

  • An IPTV ready system (TDX & TDcH)
  • Scalable systems and easy software updates