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Our Role in Hospitality (Restaurant, Hotel & Hospital) is mainly to Connect, Entertain, Communicate and Control. In many senses a hospital room is just like a hotel room. We Connect guest services like entertainment, guest automation solutions check in/out, reservations, ordering that help both guests and staff increase efficiency, revenue accountability and work flow. The hotel just like the hospital can engage guests in marketing communication with advertising, promotions and messaging while also providing advanced room control and security with biometric room access, safe locks and energy saving solutions in the room. Most importantly hospitality industry can finally control and manage internet and WiFi access in hotels as well as track guest activity through High Speed Internet Access Gateways and  Location based WiFi marketing.

Pullman Nairobi

  • Designed and installed structured networking solution for the entire hotel with 348 rooms.
  • Installed fiber cabling for the up-links in the hotel
  • Robust wireless network system integration with 401 hotel WiFi access points 
  • Installed and configured 407 IPTV System and Digital Signage screens

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club
  • Designed, installed and configured structured cables for all the villas
  • Built a robust wireless network with 200 access points
  • Pulled 5km of fiber network interconnecting all the villas
Alba Meru Hotel
  • Installed and configured 100 IPTVs - this was the first Hotel IPTV System installation in Meru
  • Installed and configured wireless networks with 100 access points
  • Set up turnkey structured cabling installation for 83 rooms
  • Installed Hotel WiFi Network System with 150 access  points
  • Installed Cloud based IP Surveillance solution to monitor the business remotely
  • Improved Melvins services to the customers
  • improved restaurant safety and security surveillance system on premises
  • Installed digital signage system for all 7 conference halls and reception area
  • Improved efficiency and sales through displayed adverts, airport fees and weather updates
  • Installed a robust wireless network solution with 150 access points
  • Installed wireless gateway for improved guest user experience - High Speed Internet Access Gateway (HSIA)
  • Fiber cabling interconnecting 25 cottages and staff quarters
  • Installed wireless networks with 120 access points
  • Structured cabling for the hotel suites
  • Installed and configured Hotel Room TV systems
  • Improved physical security with IP Surveillance for the Panari Resorts.
  • Installed restaurant IP telephony system that improved customer service for food ordering
  • Provided one central point for the 3 branches to control all inbound calls
  • Improved efficiency through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that allowed pre recorded messages
  • Installed IP Surveillance to improve safety and employee productivity

Turnkey Solutions integrators - Kenya

Today's business traveler, guest, has a high appetite for high speed internet services. We resolve these by

1. User devices, multiple, different, dynamic
2. Advancement in applications
3. High dependency of business on technology

We deliver to Hotels & Hospitals, reliable robust and easy to manage WiFi Networking Solutions, IP TV solutions, MATV Solutions Integration, Hotel and hospital TV systems, Guest Room Management Systems and Building Management Systems, Commercial TV systems, linen RFID tagging and digital signage solutions in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia. Turnkey IT structured cabling solutions, IP Telephony & Wireless network systems. Guests at the hotel enjoy;
  • Reliable wireless internet access
  • Soft key in phone directory instead of paper guides
  • reliable delivery of service based on a stable network infrastructure