Hotel GRMS with EAE Technology

EAE Technology is a member of the KNX Association based in Istanbul, Turkey. EAE Hotel Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is designed to deliver a gratifying and exemplary guest experience. The technology is based on interactive, intelligent solutions that compliment numerous software within the hotel’s network for the desired guest experience. In partnership with EAE, Talinda East Africa is the pioneer integrator of Hotel GRMS automation in Kenya.

EAE’s KNX-based Hotel-GRMS Solution is packaged in a unique, elegant and modern design. The main goal for Hotel room automation is to provide safe and energy saving solutions which include smart management of heating, cooling and lighting systems. EAE technology products are designed, developed and manufactured in compliance with KNX, TCP/IP, KNX and WiFi international open standards.

The manufacturer prides in matching guest expectations with brilliant aesthetics and elegant designs with absolute comfort to guests and staff. Enjoy a complete view in a hotel with these features:


Card Holder



Bedside Panels

Welcome Panels


Finally, your guests can get used to comfort with numerous scenarios that make life easier like movie,  sleep, comfort mode.

- Shutter / blind control 

- Scene control

- Lighting control with dimmers

- Speaker and sound control 

- Heating / cooling AC unit control

- Easy communication with receptions


EAE combines aesthetics and elegance in a user-friendly design. 

- Aesthetic  design

- Initiative design


The GRMS Solutions can be developed and tailored to your hotel and brand requests.

- %100 Configurable touch pads 

- Variety of usage options to save energy


EAE GRMS can be integrated in the different hotel systems seamlessly to make your hotel fully automated in operations and processes. 

- PMS Integration

- BMS Integration 

- Door Lock System Integration