KNX Systems for Residential, Commercial and Hotel Automation

Talinda East Africa is a KNX Partner with three KNX certified personnel

KNX is a standard communication protocol for smart buildings. Smart buildings are intelligent, they manage resources like energy automatically, keep buildings safe by monitoring the environment,  makes building security proactive and much more. Today, exciting developments added to this open protocol include Voice control systems like Alexa, Siri and more.

KNX is the successor of three previous standards: the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus

In contrast to a standard electric installation, there is no hard wired connection between the control units and the power supply, for example a light switch is not directly connected with the respective light. Instead, devices and electric assets are connected via the BUS which runs on 29 Volts. All BUS devices can be programmed with one common tool, thus the KNX BUS allows an easy and very flexible installation, and even subsequent changes can be done easily without changing the wiring.

KNX System Elements

Basically, a KNX system requires the following components:

·  Power Supply for the power of the installation

·  Sensors (push buttons, thermostats, air speed meters etc.) that generate commands as telegrams

·  Actuators (switch relays for lights, blinds etc.) that receive the telegrams and perform certain actions

·  The BUS that connects all Sensors and Actuators

KNX is designed to be independent of any particular hardware platform.

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