Hotel GRMS - Guest Room Management System


Guest Room Management Systems that enhance guest experience, increase efficiency and lower costs.

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is specially designed to ensure an impeccable and satisfying experience for your guests that exceeds their expectations. Our intelligent solutions are based on interactive technology that compliments the exceptional experience you want for your guests.

Complete Comfort;
All Factors working Together

Talinda East Africa offers scalableeasy to use and cost effective guest room management solutions to control lightingentertainmenttemperature, privacy and security in the hotel industry. 

​GRMS can be installed in new and existing hotels, with the biggest opportunity for energy savings in the substantial stock of existing hotels. We have both Hard-Wired Systems for new constructions and Wireless systems solutions for retrofits and existing hotels.

GRMS offers beautiful, energy-efficient, affordable control options that will help differentiate your hotel, and delight your guests.

All these features are delivered with powerful smart room controllers that offer multi-language support, and elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with your decor.

With the efficient room controllers and the seamless integration of the system components, our guestroom management system enables you to realize significant financial savings throughout the operation and maintenance of the hotel.

GRMS  hotel room features 

lighting control hotel room
Img courtesy of EAE Technology

Lighting Control

Flexible lighting features to meet the guests visual needs. Enjoy dimming and lighting control with the devices to increase comfort and satisfaction 

As a bonus some of our devices offer different illumination the switch icons to the desired color and intensity for  the complete room aesthetic.

hotel heating cooling control
Courtesy VDA Group

HVAC Control

With a lot of climatic changes around the world, it can get too hot or too cold for guests depending on where they stay. Keeping the room  at the desired  temperature  without breaking the bank is good news to hotel management and adds to guest satisfaction. These HVAC control system ensures energy management while conditioning the air in the room.

hotel room blinds
Img courtesy EAE Technology

Blind Control

Enjoy  intelligent hotel room features  that control window shades and curtains so they open at the stroke of daylight and close depending on the sunlight intensity in the evenings.

hotel room access control
Img courtesy EAE Technology

Door access control systems

Our systems help you integrate your door locks and security in the rooms in an energy efficient system that is easy to manage.

hotel room dnd mur
Img courtesy EAE Technology

Door Bell, MUR & DND

The switches have Door bell button and LED request buttons for DND "Do not Disturb” and MUR  “Make up Room” that help guests display the status of each room. In addition this allows you to optimize of the housekeeping scheduling.

hotel grms integrations

Integration to  multiple hotel systems

Most GRMS systems  have PMS systems interoperability. These include MICROS, Fidelio, Opera, etc. BMS systems like BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus can also be integrated  in our hotel automation solutions. 

Benefits to Guest

  • Enhanced experience for your guests: Create a comfortable, inviting, and private environment, and provide an easy management
  • Bedside and entry keypads provide convenient control
  • Ultra-quiet motors and smooth performance enhance the guest experience
Benefits to the Hotel
  • Improves efficiency
  • Saves energy and operating costs, from reduced lighting and HVAC energy usage
  • All-in-one solution for the entire property/hotel: From guestrooms to public areas and back-of-house
  • Uses room occupied/unoccupied information for guest presence detection, and ensures automated, unobtrusive control
  • Provides integration with other building/hotel systems

Ability to Create Scenarios


The power in the room is turned on when the guest slots the key card into the wall mounted key card switch. The welcome mode can, for example: - turn the lights on - open the curtains - set the thermostat to comfort mode


With the remote control, the guest can control several functions with a single touch. Four different scenes can be created in order to adapt the room atmosphere to specific situations, like watching TV, working, relaxing, etc.


​ASTRONOMIC FUNCTION: use the same interface to manage different scenes according to the time of day. This function allows energy saving and enhances guest comfort. For example, between 10 pm and 6 am, night ambiance can be activated by lowering the intensity of the light.

We work with the hotel industry and showcase beautifully crafted solutions that work in harmony with leading architecture and interior design. With this we demonstrate how comfort and energy efficiency work hand in hand, underlining Talinda's commitment to energy and productivity for a better world.

When designing the perfect hotel, Talinda will focus on key points of what the people in the building sense and what they want to achieve. Your guests want maximum benefits and the best experience possible, whilst the management is key on running everything smoothly, and investors focus on the income. As a company, we constantly further our technologies for added comfort, safety and efficiency.