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Hoteza IPTV System

Hoteza IPTV System is a set-off-box Free IPTV software that runs on Smart TVs. In one simple fully integrated interface manage multiple features of your hotel like the PMS and, CMS. Enjoy ease in Guest registration & stay information, view bill, wake up calls, messages. In one single CMS it teams use one interface to manage several Hoteza products namely- Mobile, TV, HotSign and HotPad. Guests enjoy unique features like Welcome screen, ​In-room dining, Air Transfers, Weather forecast, Temperature Control, TV & Movies, LiveStream and so much more.

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​​Hoteza HotPad

In addition to the Hoteza IPTV System, Hoteza HotPad is an in-room Tablet System that enhances guest experience to an optimum. The tablet is placed in guest rooms and works under one Single CMS. This helps engage guests with promotional content, marketing adverts of the hotel's add-on revenue streams like Room Service, Spa & Wellness, Bars. Other push notifications can help keep guests informed and updates on Restaurant Menu items, Conference Meetings, they plan to attend. Consequently, it is an easy platform to boost upsells and revenue..

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Hoteza HSIA - High Speed Internet Access

The Hoteza HSIA is a key feature in many hotels today. It works alongside Hoteza IPTV, Hoteza HotPad or Hoteza Mobile Systems. High Speed Internet Access aims to solve the problem of congested Internet channels by evenly distributing the available speed or bandwidth.

Therefore, guests no longer need to complain about poor internet or access difficulties to the network. imilarly, users visiting your hotel just add the Hoteza app, enter their phone or room number and Voila! they get connected to WiFi. Thanks to the Fair Connection Policy, every guest enjoys the maximum bandwidth available. This connection is dynamically balanced according to tariff conditions and the current load.

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HotSign Digital Signage

Indeed, any hospitality public area strives to display audio-visual information in real time with little prior investment. Thus HotSign Digital Signage helps invite staff, and partners to publish content on your hotel digital signage screens. Share promos, adverts, and calendar events on the screens as well. Guests navigate easily around the hotel with directional signage without human assistance cutting costs on staffing.

Furthermore, the screens can also share important information on schedules of air transfers, flights and conferences of the day via your HotSign.

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Hoteza Mobile

Further to the Hoteza IPTV System, many hotels are coupling this software with Hoteza Mobile. A world-class easy-to-use application suitable for Android or iOS with a web-based backend with 24 hour support as well. Easy installation and optimized to work Online and Offline with no speed interruptions or downtime or speed interruptions. Hoteza Mobile allows Mobile Key Feature so guests have the option to turn their smart phones into their room key. Obviously, messaging is one of the leading communication methods today. More guests prefer to write a message call the Concierge service or Front desk. Hence, Hoteza Mobile application allows your guests to easily communicate with staff, report a problem or leave feedback about their stay.                                                                                                                                                                                

In summary, in partnership with Hoteza, Talinda works to integrate Hoteza smart solutions like Hoteza IPTV system in hospitality to make your guests feel right at home. We have installed IPTV, Hoteza Mobile in hotels in Nairobi and currently have several ongoing hotel projects in Kenya. See more on Hoteza Hospitality for Contactless IPTV solutions.

Learn more on Hoteza or contact us on +254 700 446 536 or email info@talinda.net for a solution.