SLAs and Adhoc Support

As part of aftersale service, Talinda East Africa offers Service Level agreement and Adhoc to ICT Solutions implemented. These are core services affecting operations of the whole organization.

They include;

Comprehensive Maintenance

This includes;

Configuration management- which is a system check on all configuration that has been done on ICT infrastructure and components in the organization

Capacity Planning- which includes systems check on capacity/performance and the upgrade paths, compared to projected growth to improve performance and to forecast future software/hardware acquisitions

System backup and restore- this includes getting the back-up and testing the OS and all the applications for full function



Preventive Maintenance

This is a scheduled annual activity performed on all the hardware/software present in the organization as per agreement on the SLA and the repairs, replacement of the non-functioning hardware’s. This is performed on either of the following ways

·Working days

·Non-working days

·Off working hours

Adhoc Services

This includes break and fix support calls which are done on call bases. All the faults are reported independently and immediately they are reported

Advisory Services

This includes continuous advise on improvement and optimization which is included as part of monthly service report/service management meeting, information on new products and technologies that benefit the customer are shared during these sessions.