• Build a scalable network with high-performance Ruckus ICX switches

RUCKUS ICX network switches - Best network management to meet future connectivity demands

Connectivity is quite important to businesses today especially at this time when future networking demands are predicted to far exceed those of today.  Ruckus has set four significant steps businesses need to build a scalable and robust networking system.


There is an influx of more and more data-rich business-critical operational applications running on any network. With that old networks struggle to keep up with current demand, thus businesses need to invest in building networks that are easily scalable for increased user and application requirements in the present and the future. 

According to market research company IDC, thanks to IoT alone, network data demands in the future will be 100 times what they are now. Below are 4 steps CommScope has set to building a future-proof network:

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1. High-performance infrastructure to increase capacity

In deployment, Ruckus ideally deploy networks with 30% fewer APs than what any other competitor specifies. With less infrastructure deployed, this means spending less time managing the network and more time focus on crucial projects. The Ruckus ICX multigigabit switches enable next-generation wireless networking performance.

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2. Less complexity and converged management

With a single centralized monitoring and management, IT teams have  greater visibility over the entire network and there is less complexity in initial deployment and configuration. The switches allow faster troubleshooting and reduce costs with a seamless converged management layer - change in infrastructure is not required even for layer 3 networks.

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3. Ruckus ICX switches low investment cost

ICX switches provide scalable modular switching networks are relatively lower price than its competitors with similar features. Businesses can protect your investment, expand their capacity to meet your future business’ requirements. Conserve your CAPEX and OPEX as you grow your network.

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4. Reduce total cost of ownership with Ruckus switches

Deliver the performance and power your applications  need, support business models that are digitized, at a cost your business demands. With Ruckus superior technology enjoy reduced total cost of ownership while supporting future proof digital services.

Learn how to build a scalable networking system to reach your connectivity needs and be profitable with the last switch you will ever make: