Office and Enterprise IP PBX and Gateways

Office and enterprise communication needs to be simpler, reliable, and cost-effective. OpenVox office PBX and Gateways empower businesses to improve efficiency and your communication cost implications. It also delivers high levels of quality and experience providing SMEs and large enterprises with modern Unified Collaboration. Therefore, reducing communication cost and increasing the productivity of the communication platform.

IP PBX Systems Kenya

OpenVox IP PBX, VoIP Gateways, and Asterisk® open source Telephony Cards serve SMBs and Large businesses with quality products. Hence this reduces communication costs, increase system flexibility and enhance productivity in building IPPBX, Call Center, IVR and Unified Communications Platform.

The UC series of IPPBX deliver a multi-functional business office telephony system designed for office. The series integrates functions such as IP phone, fax, and voice recording while being compatible with multiple service platforms and affordable. Offices, Law Firms, Clinics and hospitals are integrating OpenVox UC120MC100 and UC300 for their growing businesses in Kenya. The advanced grade UC500 is so large enterprise with up to 500 extensions.

VoIP Gateways in Kenya

The OpenVox VoIP gateways help businesses that would like to merge traditional and modern telephone systems to create a hybrid atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Consequently, you can order from our Nairobi office on Ngong Road. Some products are ready in stock while others may be available on backorder. We ship and install OpenVox office Pbx and Gateways in Kenya in towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, Thika, Garissa, Eldoret, Nakuru, Malindi.

Finally, are you having difficulties understanding your telephony system needs? Our team of highly experienced telecoms engineers are available and can also carry out site surveys and demos upon request.