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Barco ClickShare Conference - Wireless conferencing system

ClickShare wireless conferencing systems by Barco provide better conferencing experience and hybrid meetings for your business. Interestingly, ClickShare's Wireless conferencing technology allows teams to link up in seconds with other meeting participants attending remotely. Enjoy hassle-free sharing, security and teamwork. Bring your own meeting from anywhere using any device. Connect and collaborate.

Consequently, this system is agnostic, working with and conferencing platform, a range of USB peripherals and most importantly, your laptop! ClickShare Conference shares your laptop apps on the meeting room display. Also, it wirelessly connects these apps to the mics, speakers and cameras in your room to create better straight forward hybrid meetings. Therefore, experience no more hassle of physical connection of peripherals to your laptop using cables and adapters.

Finally, shop Barco ClickShare wireless conferencing systems in Kenya at Talinda Express and enjoy modern, easy, secure and hassle-free meetings in seconds. Call 0208077704 to make your orders or request for technical advise. We ship across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Rwanda.

Barco clickshare wireless video conferencing system