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3CX Call Center Software Kenya
3CX call center software manages all customer requests in one system. The software has an advanced queuing system like Hunt by 3s and Round Robin that helps agents serve customers with ease and never miss a call. Get connected in Nairobi, Kenya.
09.15.21 14:38:15 - Comment(s)
Understanding Call Centers, Definition, Types and Best use case.
A call center is a department that handles inbound, outbound, and/or blended calls from current and potential customers. A Contact Center is a call center that provides integration with additional channels, like website chat, social media applications, email. Get the right call software in Kenya.
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VoIP Phones in Kenya
Talinda East Africa is a leading IP phones distributor in East Africa, for office VoIP phones in Kenya, hotel IP phones, and enterprise phone for PBX systems. We are distributors Cisco, Panasonic, Escene, Yealink, Avaya, Polycom, Grandstream, Matrix and Fanvil phones
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