Understanding Call Centers, Definition, Types and Best use case.

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What is a Call Center

A call center is a department that handles inbound, outbound, and/or blended calls from current and potential customers. Most call centers are located within an organization and in certain cases they are outsourced to other companies that specialize in handling calls.  Call centers are based on one communication channel, i.e. the telephone. 

A Contact Center is a call center that provides integration with additional channels, like website chat, social media applications, email. In this case, we describe this as an omnichannel support thus omnichannel contact centers. This centers can assist with customer support on whichever channel their customers use.  Also, a contact center may include several call centers.

Typical call center requirements

‌Hosted, on cloud ​vs on Premise

Integration with Existing PBX, Network, Trunks

‌Nature of business

Voice only

‌Call Broadcast

‌Toll free

‌SMS Broadcast


‌Remote extensions

Licenses – perpetual or on-premise

Branches and their distribution



IVR Interactive Voice Response



‌CRM integration

‌Call recording

‌Social media integration

‌AI integration Speech-to-text

Types of Call Centers

1. Inbound Call Center

  • ‌Organization receives calls from potential and current customers.
  • IVR can be used with automated message to screen, route with (Automated Call Distribution ACD to right recipient) and log calls.
  • Ideal for customer support, technical support, scheduling appointments, account queries, handling complaints, etc.

2. Outbound Call Center

  • Agent makes calls on behalf of company to customers

  • Ideal for lead generation, customer account management, surveys, debt collection, scheduling appointments and telemarketing.
  • Automated dialers, predictive dialers can be used to make calls and transfer. 

3. Blended Call Center

  • Allows agents to receive and make calls.
  • Equipped to handle both incoming and outgoing calls

‌Who needs a Call Center - Best use cases

call centers for manufacturers

‌1. FMCG & Manufacturing

  • ‌Manufacturers and retailers have high customer numbers.
  • They require to collect orders, sell to potential customers, collect debts and also manage customer support service for their returns and repairs.
call center for banks

‌3. Financial institution - Banks, Microfinance and Saccos

  • ‌Like most industries, Finance sector requires call centers to communicate with thousands of customers daily.
  • Call centers are very sensitive in this industry to protect customers from fraud features like call recording are vital

‌Here the Call center ideal features would be:

  • IVR
  • Multitenant for different branches
  • Remote agent for work-from-home scenarios 
  • Integration to CRM for telesales
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Omni-channel Integration to Social Media 
call center work from home agents

‌2. Mobile/ Software application based companies (ECommerce)

With the influx of ecommerce businesses these companies face customer challenges which include:

  • High volume of customer inquiries
  • High customer expectations
  • Need for efficient customer service and quick response across multiple channels

‌A simple call center is not enough. Ecommerce businesses need:<br>
  • Social media integration
  • AI speech to text integration
  • Scalability features, etc
call center for customer support agents

4. Service industry

‌For hotels, university intakes, hospital emergency services, logistics companies and other consultancies can receive high call volumes due to adverts on media or popularity during high season
To guarantee communication and service delivery they will require a dedicated calling system
Ideal features include:

  • Call recording
  • IVR
  • Call and/or SMS broadcast
  • Automatic dialers, etc

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