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Gartner Group research reveals that on average 68% of customers will have their initial contact with any company via phone. For many organizations, a call center helps increase efficiency in handling queries, complaints, service delivery, aftersales support, and sales. Presently, customers are heavily utilizing any available channel to communicate with businesses. Thus, contact center softwares are swiftly emerging as the solution to build productivity, facilitate business communication and deliver faster ROI.

Contact center software is a communication technology tool. Its main function is to route customer contacts across multiple channels such as email, SMS, chat, social media to agents, track, analyze and report the metrics of these interactions. Furthermore, the software employs skill-based rules in assigning agents to specific inquiries. Selecting the available agent with the appropriate specific skill set to best handle the request.

HoduCC Contact Center Communication Channels

Benefits of contact center software

In recent times, contact center software has increased functionalities beyond just primarily routing inbound calls to advanced features that benefit businesses. They now allow your businesses to extract reports, track and monitor interactions, conduct surveys, schedule agents and record calls.

Call Recording – The requirements to maintain high standards of customer care and abide to corporate governance policies have resulted in contact centers increased need to record, analyze and archive agent/company to customer interactions. This often insightful information is continuously extracted for quality control, trainings and improvement. Contact centers also use the data sourced from interactions to leverage business intelligence, customer analysis to increase revenue, and dispute resolution.

Call Center Analytics – Contact center supervisors need tools for analyzing and processing data. They utilize dashboards to view data and compare, and manipulate information.

Workforce Management – The truth is agents are quite difficult to manage while also being an expensive resource. Traditionally, admins and supervisors continuously update daily schedules based on agents’ availability. The workforce management is integrated in the contact center software gives total real time visibility of activities for analyzing call patterns, creating flexible schedules, assigning tasks, generating reports, etc.

Compliance Management – Everyday, there are more corporate governance requirements and need to improve customer care experience. Contact centers allow businesses to record, analyze and archive agent-customer interaction for future reference.

Traditionally, contact center solutions used to be premise based hardware. Lately, these have moved to software and cloud. As a telecommunications and ICT solutions provider, we are authorized vendors of renowned contact center software brands from around the world. Hodusoft is a top VOIP solutions provider. They have a comprehensive and consolidated contact center software – HoduCC which suits all types of call centers. Talinda East Africa is a certified installers and partners of Hodusoft solutions for VoIP and Call centers with multiple successful deployments in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia.

HoduCC Components

1. Predictive Dialer

A Predictive Dialer is an ideal tool for businesses with huge call volumes. The Predictive Dialer has a functionality to anticipate when to place next call i.e., based on the number of agents and the stipulated average talk time it adjusts its calling pattern. For example, if the agent’s availability is on the higher side and the call is short, predictive dialer dials the number more frequently. Similarly, if agents are not available or the average talk time is more, it adjusts accordingly and ensures to keep the customer on less or no hold.


2. Auto Dialer

Automation can be a major contributor in better resource utilization and increased productivity. The auto dialer feature automates a crucial part of an outbound calling campaign in a contact center. This fetches the leads from the database or CRM and call the number of leads as per the dial ratio. Once the call is connected, it will detect who is on the other side of the phone, a human or an answering machine or busy signal. If the system detects an answering machine or voicemail, it will be dropped at the same moment to save time and thus increase the efficiency of the dial rate.


3. Skill Based Mapping

Using this feature, the system will route your calls to the right agent at the right time. With Skill Based routing, the customer calls will be routed to the agents with whom the customer would be interested in talking to as the calls will be segmented based on each agent’s skills. This makes the communication more precise and raises the accuracy level.


4. WebRTC Phone

In the corporate world, utilization of workspace is a crucial part which must be done in a way which suits everyone. Consequently, in Contact Centers, small cubicles are designed for agents where desktop, an external phone, a headphone and other personal essentials are placed; it becomes extremely clumsy as they hardly have enough space to fit everything. HoduCC solution solves this for businesses working in less space. Unlike other softwares, HoduCC has inbuilt web phone which is based on WebRTC technology.

HoduCC Contact Center Software Deployment Architecture Single Tenant Deployment
HoduCC Contact Center Software Deployment Architecture Single Tenant Deployment

5. Email

Assist the clients through email even if the agents are busy with lined up calls. HoduCC lets your agents resolve the client’s concern 24×7 even after business hours. Unlike the phone, emails offer official communication and build confidence in the client. The agent can write customized templates based on their business process. Thus, prompt response to the clients leads to customer satisfaction.


6. Chat

This software focuses on providing excellent services to the customer. Therefore, more and more communication channels have been introduced to engage the customer. One such effective channel is “Live Chat”. HoduCC provides a ready plug-in to integrate with client website to chat with customers. It is a great way to exponentially increase sales and customer satisfaction.


7. Video Call

Every day, more people rely on texts, mobile messengers, and video-calling applications to communicate, and so should your contact center. Video calls put a face to the name, so to speak, enabling agents and customers to build trust and receive feedback fast. Even real-time chats cannot match the quality of face-to-face conversation. Video chat can be used in various ways to improve customer experience. For instance, they can be incorporated with FAQs as visual answers on the website for getting messages across clearly. Customers will relate better if actual people are featured in the videos.


8. SMS

With SMS functionality in HoduCC, let your client instantly message their concerns to the agents wherein the agents can offer instant support. It’s a time-saving feature, where customers don’t have to wait in a call-queue and can get instant resolution. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but will also add to their loyalty.


9. Social Media

HoduCC Omni channel contact center software delivers advanced social media capabilities for customer service and organizations. HoduCC is engineered with social media built-in so you can reach out, engage, monitor, and support your customers on their preferred social network like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


10. Automatic Call Distribution

HoduCC’s Advanced ACD helps you in evenly distributing the calls among available agents by following specific strategies. Calls need not be handled manually, so the concentration can solely be on performance and achieving the objectives. With the predefined ACD protocols, calls will be automatically routed to the available agents, which avoids burden on a single agent and delays to the customer or keeping them no hold too long.


11. Real Time Analytics and Reports

For any call center, analytics and reports are very important to measure current performance, find improvement areas, discover bottlenecks and improvise. The reports play a major role in decision making. In this case, real time analytics and reports can provide minute level details in real time to the supervisors and management to keep close eyes over the performance of the agents and ensure they are providing the best customer experience to the callers.

HoduCC Contact Center Software Deployment Architecture Multi-Tenant Deployment
HoduCC Contact Center Software Deployment Architecture #Multi-Tenant Deployment

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