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Audio Visual Meeting Room Collaboration and Presentation Systems

For quality meeting room systems, we help you invest in products and solutions that connect, convert, and distribute audiovisual signals, and most importantly give you complete control of audiovisual systems. We create presentation systems for a diverse range of environments from classrooms, huddle spaces, large conference rooms, university lecture halls, entertainment venues, simulation facilities, etc.

audio visual systems Kenya

Keys To A Successful Meeting Room System

Any collaboration technology today should be able to create a meeting room from any modern workspace with easy to use, schedule and remote management capabilities. Hence, it won’t matter if you are designing a small huddle space or a larger conference room, it’s critical to simplify and enhance meetings by providing the right collaboration technology.

A Good Meeting Room System Should Support:

Scalable Solutions – collaboration technology must be customizable to meet the needs of different meeting room spaces from huddles to larger, more complex conference rooms.

Intuitive Solution – Users can enter and easily use the space without getting training on the system.

Flexibility – Users share and mirror content from their phones, tablets or laptops via a wired or wireless connection.

Security – To support scalable solutions to rooms within the enterprise, the system must be connected in a secure network for monitoring, remote support, and firmware updates.

Here are some meeting room solutions that enhance collaboration:

Multimedia Projector

A video projector, otherwise known as a multimedia projector is a common presentation feature in classrooms and boardrooms alike. It functions through taking a video signal, converting it into a viewable image, and then projects it on a surface or screen. With a projector, you get the ability to present PowerPoint slideshows, text, and audio visual content in high resolution and full-color. Typically, the projector features computer, VCR, CD and DVD player inputs.

Pre-requisites when Choosing the Right Projector

Screen size especially the width

Throw distance i.e Distance between the display screen and the projector

Room lighting available

Digital Flipboards

With advanced features that enhance your workflow and collaboration you can finally say goodbye to messy whiteboard, reeking markers and jumbled paper flipcharts and say hello to digital flipcharts. Digital flip boards are interactive with touch display to allow students or teams hold and recap meetings with ease, enhance presentation and deliver great collaboration. They are ideal for group brainstorming in all meeting types – huddles, small, midsize, large conferences, theatre, etc. Go beyond usual pen, paper and markers.

Digital Whiteboard/ Interactive Board/ Smart Board

Talinda is the top installer and supplier of Interactive Smart boards in Kenya. Also referred to as digital whiteboards or interactive boards, Smart boards promote collaboration among creators, doctors, students and colleagues for group discussion and team participation. Like flip boards, they are an effective brainstorming tools. With this, participants can take notes, save, share them on-the-go and distribute them later.

interactive smart boards Kenya


Obviously, a huddle room doesn’t often need a costly wireless/wired system with individual mics for each participant since every voice can be heard with ease in small spaces. Nevertheless, mid-size to large meeting rooms cannot flourish with a single microphone in the middle of the table. Some speakers won’t be heard and even moving spots to speak can disrupt the meeting.

Microphone Options when deciding on the mics of choice factors that go into play include room layout, audio requirements of team, noise levels needed, wireless microphones, compatibility with BYOD infrastructure like laptops, installation method sought out, room architecture and design.

Ceiling Mics: Are ideal for decluttering meeting room with wires and lining your tabletop, while ensuring a 360-degree audio pickup. The mics are best suited for medium to large conference rooms. You are free to install more than one mic in the room to pick every single speaker. Pretty straight forward, ceiling microphones are mounted and embedded into your ceiling with an industrial finish or hang like a chandelier to blend with your décor. With high ceiling conference rooms, hanging microphone are often necessary to guarantee capture of every voice in the room.

Gooseneck Mics: Like the name implies gooseneck microphones have an uncanny resemblance to a goose’s neck. However, they are the best choice for guaranteeing perfect audio quality. Each seat is paired with a dedicated microphone. The advantage is they do not pick up background noise. On the flipside, they clutter your table with equipment.

gooseneck microphones

Boundary/ Button Mics: The setup is fairly simple, these small square microphone is placed on a “boundary,” essentially a mounting surface. Typically, this mic is mounted and embedded within/on/under the table. They pickup voices of all speakers in front of them. They are common in most meeting rooms as they are relatively cheap, neat and great at picking up voices albeit at higher frequencies. 

Video Conferencing Monitor

Unlike a regular screen, a video conferencing monitor has integrated video conferencing capabilities that allow users to leverage the web conferencing software tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. These hardware monitors help you conduct and attend meetings. The quality and functionality of the monitor have the potential to largely affect any meeting, so it is important to know exactly what to look for.

Key Elements To Consider When Choosing A Video Conferencing (VC) Monitor

A comfortable environment, ability to clearly hear and see team members, seamless sharing of ideas, and easy access to your information and shared information are all important attributes contributing to meaningful collaboration. The factors we’ve just listed will be affected by monitor’s:

● Ergonomic Design – With flexile positioning, a VC monitor will allow users a comfortable sitting even in long meetings. A good monitor will discourage hunching over or neck straining. Also with good sitting posture, it reflects a professional appearance to those you are presenting to.
● Screen Size – With large VC monitor screen size, users can open multiple windows simultaneously, access information easily for authentic collaboration and presentation meeting room systems.
● Refresh Rate – measure in hertz (Hz), typically the number of times per second the display is refreshed. 75Hz is a great starting point for clear video and smooth scrolling for VC purposes that is safe for the eyes.
● Video conferencing Camera Positioning – A built-in camera located above the screen ensures parties are perfectly framed while looking at the monitor.

Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing is an audio visual technology that enables users in different locations have face-to-face meetings/ communication without any need to physically meet in one common location. It is a convenient technology for business users in different countries or towns since it saves time, travel costs, and hassles related to business travel.

Despite this, video conferencing systems and equipment can be quite expensive and intimidating to many businesses. Our modern video conferencing kit, enables individuals and businesses hold their important meetings or classes hassle free with low Total Cost of Ownership. VC kits are easy to use, manage and most importantly, plug-and-play thus reducing the need for technical teams to be involved in set up, installation and configuration process.

Depending on the scale, these kits can be installed in small startup huddle rooms with two people to large scale meeting rooms like boardrooms, schools, churches and embassies.

Matrix Switchers

They are collaboration tools that route multiple audio and/ video sources to multiple audio and/ video destinations. Thus the matrix switcher accepts audiovisual signals from variant input sources such as cameras, computers – and thereafter routes the output to different destinations, like projectors, interactive smart boards, and video conference codecs.


Our range of surface mount, ceiling mount and pendant speakers are designed to meet your specific needs. Your selection of speakers will depend factors such as aesthetics, size of meeting space, whether the meeting room ceiling is “sealed”, budgets and people in the meeting.

Wireless Meeting Space

wireless meeting room system

For every comfy space with a couple of chairs in the lobby can also serve as a perfect setting for a productive presentation and meeting space with 1-4 participants. Our wireless meeting room solution can turn any shared common area into an efficient huddle meeting space. Just connect your presentation wirelessly via WiFi through your laptop, tablet or phone and enjoy your meetings on-the-go.

Wired Meeting Space

Talinda will take your huddle space experience a notch higher with best clarity presentations. Our meeting room environment with in-table mount, automated Plug & Present and wired connections for successful convenient presentations.

Wired & Wireless Meeting Space

huddle room meeting system

What’s the joy in having one if you can have both? Boost your meeting potential with simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration room systems. Unleash you team spirit with a suite of time saving tools that help each member get the best out of the meeting schedule using. Simultaneous Wired & Wireless Solution using casting tools to mirror your Android device onto your presentation screen, video conferencing screen or smartboard in high definition and audio.

Mid-size To Large Conference Spaces

mid-large size conference rooms

Formal meeting spaces come with unique features and requirements. From crystal clear audio, easy intuitive connections, display devices like video conferencing screen, whiteboards to instant room control ensuring all participants all-hands-on-deck meetings. Talinda has partnered with top brands like Kramer and Extron to deliver clientless, unmatched simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration features with top-tier audio experience for iOS, Windows, Android & Mac OS user.

Meeting Room Accessories

AV Connectivity can be mount in furniture, walls, shelves, tables for creating a professional and elegant presentation systems. Flip up touchpanels help users to control the meeting without having to move across the room.

Whether you are looking for a huddle space, breakout room, large boardroom or auditorium meeting room solution, Talinda East Africa has you covered. Our team of audio visual engineers are well equipped to turn your ideas into reality with an excellent solution.